International organizations and partners are a great support for municipalities and have helped in the realization of many projects


Deputy Mayor of Prishtina Alban Zogaj, on day two of the political fair dubbed “Fair of changes that bring the future”, on the panel Local self-government and international cooperation – experiences, challenges and perspectives, stressed that international cooperation has an important place in the agenda of the municipality of Prishtina.

“We have great experience, and there is also a great presence of donors, that is, international financial institutions. From here I will mention several activities such as the one with the World Bank where we have a grant of 100 million euros to start the restoration of green areas, with the EBRD we have a project for energy efficiency of 6 million euros, with USAID we are working on the millennium challenges such as the construction of solar panels,” said Zogaj, pointing out that in the process of cooperation, emphasis should also be placed on cooperation between cities.

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