Government promotes platform for checking carriers, and institutions can control more effectively


The Government promoted the “e-transport” platform, through which citizens will be able to check the carriers of passengers, and the institutions will exchange data, which is expected to carry out more effective controls.

Consisting of two parts, one intended for citizens and the other for institutions. Through it, citizens will be able to check in real time the type and type of licenses of road transport carriers and whether they have the appropriate permits.

Among the detailed information that citizens will be able to see are: the name, registration number and address of the company; vehicle details, such as year of manufacture, environmental standard and number of seats; but also a list of extracts with licenses.

In the section intended for institutions, on the other hand, it is possible for them to have electronic access to the records of carriers, data on their licenses, data on the vehicles owned by those companies, data on license statements for a specific vehicle. Inspectors will also be able to obtain information about employed drivers, which will enable them to check whether the person driving a certain vehicle is employed or not in the form of a carrier and whether he has a certificate of professional competence as a driver, which is a necessary document when performing international transport of passengers or goods.


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