Dissension in Alternativa – Gashi to initiate the dismissal of Minister Bekim Sali within 10 days


The leader of Albanian party Alternativa Afrim Gashi to initiate the dismissal of the Minister of Health, Bekim Sali, due to non-implementation of the party’s program, i.e. employment of Albanians in healthcare, requested the Chair branch of Alternativa at a press conference on Monday.

Gashi is given 10 days to fire Sali. The branch does not reveal how they will act if Gashi does not request Sali’s dismissal.

“It is with great indignation that we report that all the points that define us as Alternativa have been trampled by Minister Sali. The positions that were due to us according to the political agreement from a year ago at the University Clinics and President of the Board of Directors in the Health Fund, have not been realized. Non-promotion of Albanian staff, not a single head of department, not a single head nurse. We are reacting to the minister’s incompetence and inefficiency. We appeal to the leader of the party within 10 days to initiate the dismissal of the minister,” said the Chair branch of Alternativa.

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