Bekteshi set to reveal which products have become cheaper in the markets during upcoming week


The Macedonian Minister of Economy, Kreshnik Bekteshi, announced Tuesday that during the week prices in the markets will be analyzed and the public will be informed about their reduction.
Answering media questions before the start of the SUBEX-Suppliers Balkan Expo business event, Bekteshi once again mentioned that no abuse of the crisis on the backs of citizens will be allowed, inspection controls have been strengthened, and several fines have already been imposed, the minister said.
“This week we will do an analysis directly and physically in the supermarkets, and we will report on the percentage of reduction in the prices of the products and the companies that did it. The State Market Inspectorate is already working in accordance with the new Law on Consumer Protection, controls have been intensified and yesterday the director said that several fines have been imposed,” Bekteshi pointed out, adding that the Ministry receives data on the import of products from the Decision of the Customs Administration on a daily basis.

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