Mickoski: Hydroelectric plants are at only 18 percent, another unit in REK Bitola is not working, while the Government buys extremely expensive electricity


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, in an interview with the “Espresso with Zlatev and Bocevski” political show, stressed that block 1 in REK Bitola is not working since this morning, and even more important and concerning is that the hydroelectric power plants are at the level of 18 percent.

“Here is exclusive information for your program as of this morning block 1 in REK Bitola is not working, and also exclusively the hydroelectric power plants are at the level of 18 percent. The water is completely used up, we work with one block in Bitola and that’s everything and something small in energy for heating the eastern part of Skopje, which is heated through ELEM, today’s ESM, that part of Autokomanda, Madjari, Zhelezara, for that part of Skopje,” Mickoski said.

In the interview, Mickoski pointed out that despite this situation in the energy sector, the Government procures extremely expensive electricity.

“You know what the scenario was, at the beginning the scenario was that the three units in Bitola would work, that the two boilers would work, one turbine in Negotino, that Oslomej and the hydro potential would work. Of all this morning, only one block is working, the second block in REK Bitola and our hydro is at 18% and now we already have a new purchase of electricity which should be from 21 to 27 somewhere around 32 gigawatt hours require electricity. Luckily, the weather is somehow not that cold yet. Imagine if the temperatures drop below 5 degrees, as they will drop, if not now next week they will drop in December, January, February what will we do then? Well, this is our government,” Mickoski added.



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