Student dorms to be renovated next year, says Kovachevski


Some of the student dormitories are in good condition. However, with the Minister of Education Jeton Shaqiri, we discussed that those student dormitories that are in a bad state, during 2023, will be included in the investment plan, which will include a complete renovation of the sanitary nodes, and everything that is necessary to is renovating, said Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski on Saturday.

“And would I send my child to one of the student dorms – yes, I would, because there he will learn how the children from N. Macedonia live, who daily travel from other cities and fight for their future, to finish college, to become good and worthy citizens, and they don’t have the privilege of mom and dad cooking them a hot meal three times a day, and sitting in a warm room during their breaks,” replied Kovachevski.

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