German company TechnoAlpinto invest EUR 186 million in the PopovaShapka ski center


At today’s government session, the proposal for a strategic investment project in the PopovaShapka ski center has received the green light.

“We are talking about a strategic partnership with the PopovaShapka ski center, an ambitious project whose total value is 186 million euros and which includes the renovation of the existing facilities, the installation of a snowmaking system, the expansion of the existing ski area with new facilities and trails, renovation and expansion of hotels, construction of new hotel facilities, construction of asphalt parking lots, bicycle paths and creation of other recreational activities, with which this center will have the opportunity to be included in the most modern European winter centers,” announced the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning NaserNuredini on Friday.

The investment should be realized in 2023 and will include 6 investment phases, the first of which amounts to approximately 55 million euros.

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