Responsibility and resignations from Minister Trenchevska and the kindergarten director for the attempt to cover up the brutal violence against a baby


The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Trenchevska and the kindergarten in Gevgelija first with silence and an attempt to cover up brutal violence against a 10-month-old baby, and now with alleged commissions relativize the case and buy time. All in order to have no political responsibility, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Angelina Petkova.

“The problem is because both the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the kindergarten tried to hide the event. The ten-month-old baby with severe bodily injuries and a hematoma on the head ended up in the hospital, and instead of resignations from the kindergarten in Gevgelija, we have announcements underestimating the public by relativizing that it was a child’s game. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, instead of dismissing the director appointed by Trenchevska, replied that they would form a commission. Whenever SDS officials form commissions, they end up like Filipche’s commissions for dozens of COVID-19 failures, the burned hospital in Tetovo, the case of Jildiz, and many others, which did not see a solution,” Petkova told a press conference on Friday.

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