Macedonia ranks among top 10 countries in terms of food inflation, people will suffer for bread, and Kovachevski won’t even bat an eye, says VMRO-DPMNE


Due to the SDS and DUI government, Macedonia is facing an economic disaster and drastic impoverishment of the people. This is also shown by the new report of the World Bank, according to which Macedonia ranks among the top ten countries in the world that have the highest real food inflation. This rate is calculated as food price inflation minus overall inflation and the results are devastating. Among the European countries, only Hungary is ahead of us, and we share the position with Turkey. There are no other European countries, but all the rest are in Africa, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release.

The opposition party says that catastrophic parameters were also measured by the State Statistics Office in October, according to which food prices in October were higher by 32.4%.

“But if we take into account the increase in the price of basic food by over 50%, then the impoverishment of the people is much greater. The people will suffer for bread, and Kovachevski won’t even bat an eye. Kovachevski’s government did nothing to prevent this. On the contrary, they spend their time on tenders and personal enrichment while the people are facing record inflation rates that are among the highest in Europe and the world. Prices are raging, the debt is growing rapidly, the energy crisis is getting bigger, and Macedonia with Kovachevski as a rule always has the worst parameters compared to other countries. This incompetent and criminal government must go. The people are paying too dearly for their irresponsibility,” added the party press release.

(Има ФОТО)

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