ESM Sales to deliver contracts for subsidized electricity by mail as of December 1, for 80 or 95 euros per MWh


ESM Sales informs that all entities registered for additional supply following the decision of the Government, who meet the conditions and whose meters are approved by Distribution, will be supplied by ESM Sales starting December 1, 2022, regardless of whether the contracts will arrive by that date by mail, or they will arrive after the specified date. The entities have already been entered into the ESM Sales system and should make their calculations for the production and work process based on the new price of electricity they will pay, which is 80 e/MWh for the food industry for basic products, and 95 e/MWh for schools and water utilities.

“Starting January 1, 2023, all entities that will additionally register in the next period will be connected to subsidized supply, as well as those that did not have complete documents during the first registration and who will complete them,” says ESM Sales.

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