Talat Xhaferi’s son took the bar exam before he got a proper education, the institutions are silen


The scandal with Talat Xhaferi’s son Berlet passing the bar exam shows that the institutions do not react adequately to an obvious irregularity that has come to light. The SCPC is pretending to be unauthorized, the Ministry of Justice is silent, the Academy of Judges and Prosecutors is silent, Talat Xhaferi is silent, the Government is silent, VMRO-DPMNE said on Tuesday.
“Everyone pretends to be not responsible and convinces the public that it is possible to build a roof on a house without laying a foundation. This is exactly what happened to Barlet Xhaferi, the son of Talat from Forino, who took the bar exam before completing his Master’s studies, that is, before acquiring the legal right to do so.
“This is a very serious matter. Is it possible to become a man of justice by breaking norms? This is the absurdity of this Government. Their mouths are full of the rule of law, but in fact they remain silent and approve the violation of the law,” the opposition party’s press release reads.

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