City of Skopje terminates the contract with “Sloboda Prevoz”, private bus companies to block the city


The contract with the association of private bus transport “Sloboda Prevoz” has been terminated today due to non-fulfillment of the obligations arising from it. It is about the obligation to continuously and uninterruptedly provide the public service for the transportation of passengers. Unfortunately, “Sloboda Prevoz” did not fulfill this contractual obligation for more than two days in a row, and due to non-respect of the contract, it has been terminated, the City of Skopje informed on Thursday.

The city representatives add that they invite all private bus companies to apply to the public call that will be announced during the next week.

“We urge “Sloboda Prevoz” to review the decision to block the capital, because in this way they will not achieve a solution to the problem, on the contrary, in this way the problem deepens. The people of Skopje are not obliged to be collateral damage, due to the irrational demands of “Sloboda Prevoz”. With blackmail, there is no agreement,” says the City of Skopje.

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