Nikoloski attends EU Conference: Corruption reigns in Macedonia


At the same time, while on the one hand there is talk of European integration, on the other hand the system is collapsing, corruption is growing, and there is no functional rule of law and no functional state. I do not think that pro-EU goes at the same time as pro-corruption. Corruption has stooped to the lowest possible level, now we are not only talking about high-level corruption and high-profile corruption, corruption is unfortunately present in every segment of society.

Talk to any citizen, but let them not know who you are and what you are, so that they can talk to you more openly and he will tell you that they cannot get a certificate from the register if they do not have a friend, they cannot get a certificate from the Cadastre, if their neighbor doesn’t work at the Cadastre and they cannot make an appointment with a doctor if they do not have a cousin, relative or neighbor who works in a health care facility. That is the sad truth about what is happening right now,” said the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski at the EU conference on Thursday.

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