Skopje blocked yet again, private bus companies remain on the streets until their demands are met


As of 6 a.m. on Monday, the private bus companies once again set up blockades at several main points in the capital, that is, the intersections in front of TC Mavrovka, the Red Cross, as well as Ilinden Boulevard around the location of the City Assembly. They say that this time they will not remove the blockades until their demands are met.
Kemal Murikj from the private transport company “Sloboda Prevoz” says that the blockades will not be removed until there is progress to get out of the situation.
“As we announced today, the buses are parked and will be here until there is no progress in this situation, i.e. they call us for talks and agree on the dynamics for paying the arrears, for the weekly payments to continue so that we can join the bus lines so the citizens won’t fall victim to this,” Murikj said.
The protest and blockades throughout the city of Skopje are organized by two private bus companies, “Sloboda Prevoz” and “Makexpress”.

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