Private bus companies’ blockade continues in Skopje, they will protest until their demands are met and apologize to the citizens for the traffic chaos


The private bus companies continue their protests Tuesday by blocking several of the main traffic points in the capital. According to their previous statements, they will not remove the buses until the set requirements for payment of the debt that they demand from the City of Skopje are met. They announced that the blockades could be extended through several traffic points in Skopje.

“As we announced, today the buses are parked and they will be here until there is progress in this situation, that is, they call us for negotiations and agree on the dynamics for paying the outstanding debt, for the weekly payments to continue so that we can again join the bus lines so that citizens don’t fall victim to this,” Kemal Murikj from the “Sloboda Prevoz” bus company told the media.



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