Bomb threats in schools and the National Bank proved as false


The Ministry of Internal Affairs informs that all the necessary checks have been made in connection with Wednesday’s reports from schools in Skopje and NBRM, which received a message to the email address with a threat of an explosive device, and it has been determined that these are false reports.

Immediately after receiving the reports, measures were taken by police officers to safely evacuate the buildings, and then detailed checks were carried out by teams for anti-terrorist checks and it was determined that these were false reports, the Ministry of the Interior announced.

Earlier, the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski confirmed that this morning there were reports of planted explosive devices in nine schools and in the NBRSM according to the same modus operandi that is part of the so-called a hybrid war that is being waged, not only in the country.

“This is a classic case of hybrid threats. Fortunately, these are attacks that come electronically, i.e. reports, and that security is absolutely not compromised, especially considering that the NB is secured 24 hours a day,” said Spasovski, after today’s visit and meetings at the Strumica Police Department.

It is determined that maximum measures are being taken, with our strategic partners, as Spasovski said, in order to provide proof of any aspect.

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