Lenin Jovanovski steps back from the private bus companies’ protest, the blockades remain


The director of “Sloboda Prevoz”,Lenin Jovanovski has decided to step back from the protest of the private bus companies and from all the processes that will follow because he believes that his name is being misused too much, and the blockades of the private bus companies remain

Jovanovski told that his name was constantly mentioned in a political context, and this harmed the entire process of finding a solution for the carriers who are protesting for three days now due to unpaid debts from the City of Skopje.

“I have decided to step back from this process because my name is being misused too much and given political notice. Institutionally, I remain the director of “Sloboda Prevoz”, but I will not be the spokesman for the carriers. We, as “Sloboda Prevoz” cannot be a factor in transportation because with the decision of the City, we cannot register for a public call for bus lines for one year, said Jovanovski.

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