VIDEO| Armed attack at the Topansko Pole mall – ATMs set on fire


An armed group attacked a shopping center in the Topansko Pole neighborhood of Skopje early Wednesday morning and set ATMs on fire.

The attack poccured at the “Point Retail Park” mall, and the police closed the part of Makedonsko Kosovska Brigada Street for traffic.

“At 5:54 a.m. it was reported to the Skopje Police Department that in a business building on ‘M.K.Brigada’ street in Skopje, several persons threatened the security guard (Sh.M.) with a weapon, and then set fire to several ATMs that were part of the business building”, the Ministry of the Interior announced on Wednesday.

Several persons with the threat of weapons first assaulted the security guard in the building, and then set fire to several ATMs that were in the business building.

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