Taking away the credentials and resignation of Arsovska is the only salvation for Skopje, opposition claims


Skopje and Skopje residents, the Macedonian political, economic and healthcare center, must not be a victim of lucrativeness, criminality and secret meetings of the Tachela – Kovachevski and DanelaArsovska coalition. We demand the irrevocable resignation of DanelaArsovska from the position of Mayor in the City of Skopje, and the Government to leave the Tachela coalition, to take away the credentials for public city transport in Skopje and to settle the debt to private carriers, said the spokesperson of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE NaumStoilkovski at a press briefing on Thursday.

The people of Skopje are fed up. DanelaArsovska showed a complete inability to manage Skopje, showed a complete lack of understanding about the problems, and caused chaos in Skopje with her lucrativeness.

“The secret meetings with Kovachevski and the creation of the Tachela monstrosity caused the complete collapse of the Macedonian metropolis,” Stoilkovski pointed out.

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