Macedonia has the highest inflation in the region, the gray economy of 33 percent is higher than Kosovo and Albania


In November, an inflation rate of 19.5% was measured in Macedonia, which is the highest inflation rate in the region and one of the highest in all of Europe. This shows that the cost of living in Macedonia is growing the most, and the standard of citizens is decreasing the fastest. In other words, the people of Macedonia are sinking into poverty. This is another in a series of devastating economic facts for Macedonia during the rule of SDS and Kovachevski’s government, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Friday.

“Macedonia has over 12 thousand closed companies in a year and a half. Economic activity has seriously slowed down and according to World Bank estimates, there will be the lowest GDP growth in 2022 in all of Europe, and only Russia and Ukraine, which are at war, will be worse than us. Additionally, Macedonia faces a huge gray economy rate of 33%, which is far worse than both Kosovo and Albania. We are at the bottom in terms of attracting foreign investments, so Kosovo, Albania and Serbia have twice and even three times more FDI per capita than our country,” the party’s press release reads.


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