EDS Info point: The average price of electricity in December is EUR 142 higher compared to November


According to the data on the movement of prices on the HUPX stock exchange in Hungary for December 10, the average hourly price of one megawatt hour of electricity (baseload) is 406.99 euros/mwh.

The average price of electricity during the month of December until now (baseload till date) is 364.53 euros per megawatt hour, which is almost 142 euros higher than the price at which electricity was traded during the previous month.


Taking into account the current state of the energy market in Europe and the world, it is important to raise awareness about the reasonable and rational consumption of electricity, as well as the regular settlement of electricity bills in order to preserve the stability of the supply.

The price of electricity during daytime hours (9 am – 8 pm) (peakload) reached a level of 480.13 euros per megawatt hour.

Information on the movement of the price of electricity can help in more accurate planning of budgets for the consumption of electricity, to save on electricity bills, as well as for companies to make informed business decisions with which they will reduce their costs and realize more successfully their business plans.


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