Kovachevski and Arsovska’s coalition should apologize for insulting private bus companies by calling them a “worthless gang”


In the absence of Danela Arsovska, her deputy treated private bus companies in Skopje with harsh insults. This is the face of the so-called Tachela coalition, which also includes Danela’s deputy, Aleksandar Trajanovski. Namely Trajanovski called the private bus companies a “worthless gang”, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Thursday.

“This is extremely shameful and inappropriate vocabulary for an official in Skopje. To insult people who work hard and feed their families with honest labor is below every level. If this is how they communicate with Danela Arsovska and call each other derogatory terms, it does not mean that their coalition vocabulary deserves to be publicly expressed in the Council. Danela Arsovska should also distance herself from the statement of her deputy, and Kovachevski, as the patron of this coalition, should condemn her, because otherwise it will mean that they stand behind such qualifications,” said the largest opposition party.

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