Kovachevski: The court should explain the decisions on “Target-Fortress”


Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski believes that the justice system should explain to the citizens the decisions it makes in a transparent procedure and additionally work on increasing trust. Kovachevski stated this in response to a journalist’s question regarding the decisions of the Court of Appeal on the “Target-Frothress” case and the reactions in the public.
“It is up to the justice system, which is an independent authority from the Government, through a transparent procedure to explain to the citizens the decisions they make and to further work on improving its operations, with the aim of increasing the confidence of the citizens and providing fair conditions for that all citizens should be equal in the country before the Constitution,” Kovachevski said.
The Prime Minister stressed that he, like many others, expressed disappointment with this court case, which, as he said, only confirms the low confidence of citizens in the justice system as measured by public opinion surveys.

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