There will be a third trial for the “Ilovica-Shtuka” mine, environmentalists say they will defend nature with their lives


The Higher Administrative Court accepted the appeal of Euromax Resources against the Administrative Court’s decision to reject their lawsuit, which confirmed the Government’s decision to revoke the Ilovica 6 concession for the Ograzhden mountain mine. This means that the case for revocation of the concession is returned to the Administrative Court for retrial. This is the third time that the Higher Administrative Court annuls a decision of the Administrative Court that rejects the appeal of Euromax for the revoked concession.
The new decision of the Higher Administrative Court disturbed the activists against mines in Strumica “Zdrava Kotlina” who expected to finally close the issue with the Ilovica mine.
“There will be no mine, even at the cost of our lives. We will defend our piece of land in every way. We are sure that we will be more radical and fierce in our activities, because our polite behavior and waiting for the case to be resolved as it should be, institutionally, is obviously not working,” said Kostadin Ristomanov from the “Zdrava Kotlina” association.

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