Besimi confirms: Extra tax is planned for large companies with increased profits


The Macedonian Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi confirmed during Sunday’s inteview with RFE/RL that there will be a one-time extraordinary taxation of large companies. The tax on extra profit, following the example of several other countries that introduced it in the crisis, will be collected when the calculations for income and profits for 2022 are received. There will be a special impact only on those who made more than 20 percent more profit this year in compared to the average of the previous four.

“The discussion that is now being held with the chambers is regarding a special, new extraordinary tax, which is a tax on additional extra profit, which means that following the example of other countries, such as Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, etc., there is even and a directive, a recommendation from EU member states, for countries to assess and use as a form of solidarity.

“What we are now discussing with the chambers of commerce is that in the last four years, those companies that have over 10 million euros in annual revenue and their profit during 2022 and the part that has been achieved over 20 percent in the last four years will be compared, only that portion will be subject to taxation with this new tax, single-tiered, only for the year 2022, and will not be repeated. The years in which no profit has been made are not taken into account for taxation. We are in the debate phase and if we find an understanding, although there will certainly be reactions, it can contribute,” said Besimi.


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