Kovachki: Kovachevski knew that Zharko Miloshevski was the signatory of Onishchenko’s evaluation, but put him in charge of the ANB to cover the tracks leading to him


Kovachevski must immediately fire Zharko Miloshevski, otherwise he will confirm the direct connection, i.e. that he is also personally part of the scheme for granting Macedonian citizenship to Onishchenko, MP and member of the VMRO- DPMNE EC Dragan Kovachki told a press briefing on Sunday.

Zharko Miloshevski should not be at the head of the National Security Agency for a single day, Kovacki said and added that a document has been released to the public that shows that it was Milosevski who approved the positive test for Onishchenko, which confirms that he is not a security risk for the country.

“If Zharko Miloshevski, as the responsible person in ANB, had not approved the positive evaluation, Onishchenko would not have received Macedonian citizenship. Onishchenko is a Russian oligarch, he is on the United States blacklist, and there are indications that he interfered in the elections in the USA, and we are not the only ones saying this, these are things for which there is evidence, and Stevo Pendarovski, no matter how much he wants to flatter SDS, he admitted all these facts.

The fact that Miloshevski, with his own signature, as a responsible person in the ANB, approved Onishchenko to receive citizenship is not naive at all, and his appointment by Kovacevski, as well as the fact that he changed the responsibility committee immediately after the appointment, is a clear indication that Kovachevski knew that Zharko Miloshevski is the signatory of the inspection, but he appointed him as director in order to cover his own and the tracks leading to Kovachevski. The connection is clear. Zharko Miloshevski approved the positive evaluation, Viktor Dimovski signed it as director and sent it to the Ministry of Interior, and Kovachevski granted the citizenship through the Government. Both Miloshevski and Dimovski must be held accountable,” Kovachki pointed out.

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