Skopje ranks among the top three most polluted cities in the world on Sunday




After yesterday’s fifth place, Skopje on Sunday climbed into the top three most polluted cities, according to the measurement of air quality at 10:31 am.

Although the weather is sunny, there is no fog and there is no pollution, according to the announcement on the website, the air pollution index in the country’s capital is 195. Lahore and Bishkek are more polluted world cities than Skopje this morning.

On today it can be seen that 141.4 micrograms per cubic meter of PM 2.5 particles and 149.4 micrograms per cubic meter of PM 10 particles were measured in the country’s capital. The stations in Lisiche, Gazi Baba, Centar and Rektorat measured the highest pollution.

According to the measurements , apart from Skopje, there is a lot of pollution in Kochani, Gostivar, Kavadarci and Kumanovo.

Due to the heavy pollution, which has already been going on for three days, both in Skopje and in several other cities, the recommendations and measures to overcome the alarm threshold came into force.

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