More and more Government and SDS MPs want snap elections, claims opposition


More and more MPs from the ranks of SDS and the Government are in favor of snap elections, so Kovachevski must stop holding the entire country hostage for a couple of careers, opposition party VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Thursday.
“The interest for snap elections in SDS is growing, only Kovachevski and Zechevikj are against it, because they know that they will lose and that after that their careers would be over. Kovachevski and Zechevikj want a few more months of power, because they know that the people will never elect them, they can only be appointed without elections like they are now. Kovachevski is running away from elections so that the companies of his best man and his immediate family can continue to expand throughout the country,” added VMRO-DPMNE.

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