Mickoski: There’ll be no majority for constitutional amendments, snap elections must be held as soon as possible


The leader of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski expects a year of changes and again called for snap parliamentary elections. The party leader does not believe that the Government will gather a majority for constitutional amendments, for which, he said, his party’s position has not changed.
“The position is that this Parliament does not have a mandate to change the Constitution because neither the opposition participated in the creation of that agreement, nor did the opposition agree with that agreement, nor did it appear before the citizens to promise that there would be constitutional changes. Therefore, snap parliamentary elections should take place as soon as possible, let’s all come up with a solution to the problem brought by the DUI government supported by SDSM, so the citizens will be the ones who will decide who to trust. They will have several options, so the citizens are the ones who will give the direction where Macedonia will have to move,” said Mickoski during his visit to Vevchani on Friday.

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