Todor Angjushev: Power plants should be built from different renewable sources, instead of only photovoltaic ones


North Macedonia should build as many power plants from renewable energy sources (RES) as possible, but they should be different sources, instead of just photovoltaic, said TodorAngjushev, president of the RES Group at the Macedonian Energy Association (MEA) of the Economic Chamber of N. Macedonia.

At the conference “Economic Challenges in 2023: How to Sustain Economic Growth and Transform the Economy”, he warned that the current trend of private investors to build solar power plants may after a certain period be unprofitable and not meet the needs and market consumption.

“At the moment there is interest in building photovoltaic plants with an installed capacity of about 7 GW, which is a lot. A smart strategy should be implemented,”stressed Angjushev.

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