Former AEPS head Cvetkovski: Escape from a Macedonian prison costs six figures in euros


There have always been escapes from prisons and there always will be. The last case that happened may have led to a situation that lasts longer because security measures were not deliberately taken and the rules for escorting a person to a medical facility were not followed, explains Viktor Cvetkovski, former director of the Administration of the Enforcement of Penal Sanctions (AEPS) in an interview with

“The medical nature of the limb injury is debatable and could have waited until the next day when the ambulances and hospitals would open. The problem is that it is allowed, the commander probably decides here, and here is the first mistake. The second is the ceremony, the way he sat, whether his hands were tied, etc. These are conscious omissions, it is certain that this was prepared and the time was selected, the shift, the avoidance of traffic jams. This was prepared long before,” said Cvetkovski in the interview.

The lawyer also explains how much money an escape costs.

“These are six-digit figures in euros,” Cvetkovski reveals.

He says that it is a well-known secret that the Idrizovo prison has the presence of corruption, especially in the part of the security service.


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