The second half of the school year begins, classes to continue after June 10


The second semester of the 2022/2023 academic year begins on Monday for primary and secondary school students. By decision of the Government, the winter vacation was extended and the start of classes was postponed from January 18 to January 23 due to the functionality of the schools.

Most likely, the school year will end on June 14 instead of June 9 (Friday) because, as stated by the Macedonian Minister of Education and Science JetonShaqiri, students should complete all 180 working teaching days determined by the Calendar for the educational process in schools.

“We decided that the second semester will start on Monday. Also, to complete all 180 working days by the end of this second semester. There are three working teaching days and I see no reason for there to be any problem,” Minister Shaqiri said last week.

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