Smaller government partners condition the Alliance for Albanians joining the Government


After the session of the Central Presidency of the Alliance for the Albanians (AA) that took place last weekend and the announcement that during the week the party would form a commission that would negotiate for a possible entry into the Government, on Monday the smaller government members came out with their views on the possibility of AA entering the Government coalition partners.
Alternative considers that there is no need to negotiate with the Alliance for the Albanians, assessing that the role of this party in the Government would be “to cushion the split in DUI”. Alternative believes that it is logical for the one who is in trouble to cede part of the government departments he leads.
The Democratic Union has a similar position, from where they stated yesterday that they will support the reconstruction of the Government only if adequate and fair representation of all ethnic communities is ensured, which is in accordance with Amendment 6 of the Constitution.
The leader of the Democratic Union (DS), Pavle Trajanov, said Monday that they insist on respecting the Constitution and that only in that case they will support the Government reshuffle. Trajanov believes that DUI should give up two ministerial positions.

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