Kovachevski: We will mark Goce Delchev’s birthday with dignity and peace, there is no anti-Bulgarian hatred in Macedonia


I assure the Macedonian public that the Ministry of Interior will do everything in accordance with all laws, in accordance with the Constitution, so that the celebration of February 4 – the birthday of revolutionary Goce Delchev, will be in a dignified and peaceful manner and the safety of all citizens in the country will be guaranteed, stressed Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski from the rostrum answering a question from MP Antonio Miloshoski from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE at Thursday’s Parliament session.

Regarding the celebration of Goce Delchev’s birthday, Kovachevski said that it is characterized by a high risk in terms of statements coming from both inside and outside, and according to that, the Ministry of the Interior is responsible, according to its procedures and the law, to organize a peaceful celebration, and for this purpose, the Ministry of Interior has already undertaken all necessary activities.

“Regarding the events that occupied the public after the event in Ohrid and the rhetoric after that, what I can say is that there is no anti-Bulgarian hatred and hysteria in North Macedonia as someone wants to present it. For the last incidents and all the others there people held accountable, these are the acts of individuals and the whole state and nation cannot be blamed for the actions of several million individuals. North Macedonia takes all actions in accordance with the Constitution, laws and procedures in the competent ministries and bodies that are not part of the Government and continues to be a constructive partner in the region and in the EU,” noted PM Kovachevski.

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