OMO Ilinden Pirin: Entire Bulgaria reacted over the assaulted Bulgarian in Ohrid, while the Macedonian government is silent about the death of a Macedonian national in Sofia


Double standards! What is the difference in the treatment of Macedonians in Bulgaria and Bulgarians in Macedonia? asked the Macedonian political association OMO Ilinden Pirin based in Bulgaria on Thursday.

The political association reminds that the entire state leadership of Bulgaria rose to its feet for the beaten Bulgarian in Ohrid, and the current Macedonian government is silent about the recent death of a Macedonian in Sofia, with suspicions of murder.

“A Macedonian athlete died under suspicion of murder in Sofia – yet no one reacted all week. A week later he was said to have died of a heart attack. In Macedonia, a Bulgarian was beaten in still unclear circumstances (domestic, criminal or discriminatory) – two countries are obliged not only to condemn the case, but also to award him the highest state honors,” stressed OMO Ilinden Pirin.

Two health systems take care of him, reads the Facebook post, he was transported by a state plane to Bulgaria, he was visited by two ministers of foreign affairs in the hospital, his case enters the Bulgarian Parliament, in the highest circles of the European Union, in the statements of the Macedonian countries, in the media of both countries. The impression is increasingly emerging that while the Bulgarians in Macedonia have two countries, the Macedonians in Bulgaria have none, reads the post of OMO Ilinden Pirin.

The association urges President Stevo Pendarovski, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski and Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani for this issue and for the double standards.

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