One of Pendikov’s assailants is a Bulgarian citizen, why is no one talking about this?


The former Bulgarian Minister of Innovation, Daniel Lorer, from Kiril Petkov’s coalition believes that one of the assailants of the beaten Hristijan Pendikov in Ohrid was a Bulgarian citizen and asks “why should we not talk about him?”. He reminds that Pendikov himself, on the other hand, is not a Bulgarian citizen, although he has Bulgarian self-awareness, which means that his case was heavily politicized in Bulgaria.
The person who was assaulted in N. Macedonia is not a Bulgarian citizen. He defines himself as a person with Bulgarian self-awareness. Bulgaria must first of all protect its citizens. However, one of those who attacked him is a Bulgarian citizen. Why not talk about him? What do we do about it?, asked Lorer in an interview with Bulgarian Nova.

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