Zashov: Bulgaria was constantly on the wrong side in wars because it was on the side of those who promised that it would get Macedonia


In my latest opinion piece I address the Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Milkov who was the ambassador of Bulgaria in Bucharest and where we had communication, says former Macedonian ambassador Blagoj Zashov in an interview with TV24.
“I expected something else from Milkov, I thought he would act like a diplomat and try to find diplomatic and not political solutions with Macedonia. He is an experienced diplomat and my expectations were that he would calm the ball. It is unacceptable for me that he attacked our president. Milkov can talk to his colleague Osmani, but not in that tone to address the president, says Zashov.
Milkov came to the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria from the position of ambassador to France.
“As an ambassador, I had special respect for ambassadors from neighboring countries. We have had long conversations with Milkov about the Balkans both now and in the past. And we understood each other about the causes and consequences of those three wars that Bulgaria fought and lost because it was on the wrong side,” said Zashov.
“But the reason why Bulgaria was constantly on the wrong side in the wars is Macedonia, that is, Bulgaria was on the side of those who promised it that it would get Macedonia,” added Zashov.

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