Resignation from FilipAndov-Sokol and accountability from Tupanchevski, demands VMRO-DPMNE


“Within a month, the general public learned about three prison breaks. The last case of escape is again from the Shutka prison, where the director is from SDS staffing, FilipAndov – Sokol. Namely, convictedArifAlili from Kichevo, arrested for drugs, escaped from the “free ward” of the prison. Again, some time ago, NafiAbdioski, a person with a full photo album of joint pictures with SDS officials, also broke out of prison. For these scandalous escapes, there is no accountability from the director FilipAndov, neither the government demands his resignation, nor a change is announced,” said VMRO-DPMNE on Tiesday.

That is why FilipAndov-Sokol’s resignation and Tupanchevski’s accountability are needed immediately. The public rightfully asks if the connection with the mafia in power and corruption opens prison doors. The largest opposition party says that the prison system must be responsible for the escapes and the solution.

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