Court sentences the man who killed his three-month-old baby to 20 years in prison


Suad Bajram (45) from Skopje, a father accused of killing the three-month-old baby, was sentenced to twenty years in prison. The Basic Criminal Court – Skopje on Wednesday found him guilty of the crime of murder in the course of domestic violence. Bajram admitted that he committed the murder and before the judges he expressed regret and remorse for what he had done. But today, after being sentenced to 20 years in prison, he complained that it was many years in prison and said that he expected a lesser sentence because, as he said, there was no one to take care of the other 3 minor children, reports

In the courtroom, although he was asked if he had anything to add, Bajram said that he had nothing to say, but in the courtroom he asked for the lawyer who represented him and complained that 20 years in prison for the crime he committed was a very high sentence and that he was ready to receive a sentence, but somewhat lower, of at least 15 years.

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