Ivanovska reveals unprecedented scandal in Centar: Shame – a famous man gets an order to demolish a building, yet he continues to build!


The president of the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) Biljana Ivanovska in an interview with TV21 Tuesday evening revealed an unprecedented scandal in the Municipality of Centar. She said that a well-known man got an order to demolish the building, but he continues to build.

“Here is the example of Vodnjanska Street with a well-known person who is an investor of a building. An inspector comes and writes a solution for demolition, the building is not demolished, he continues to build. On top of that, the construction workers play provocative music to the surrounding residents and the law enforcement can’t do anything about it. What does that look like? It doesn’t look like anything, it’s embarrassing!” said Ivanovska.

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