Pendarovski and President’s Office staff have not received their salaries, they were told by Finance Ministry that there were no additional funds for payment


The Office of President Stevo Pendarovski, through a statement sent to the media, confirmed that the salary for the month of January 2023 has not been paid for the employees of the President’s Office, as well as for the president.
“The reasoning we received from the Ministry of Finance is that there are no additional funds in the 2023 Budget for the payment of salaries for the employees of the President’s Office, and we consider it unfounded. The President’s Office, in accordance with the signed Collective Agreement with the Employees’ Union, provided for a 5% salary increase only for civil servants who are employed in the President’s Office. This increase does not apply to the President, appointees and special advisers in the Cabinet. The funds for the 2023 Budget have been provided through own savings in the budget of our institution and no additional funds have been requested from the Ministry of Finance for this” reads the press release.

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