AJM: The attitude of government officials towards journalists is censorship


Argument and improper attitude of administrative officials from government protocol towards journalist teams, illogical rules that limit the entry of journalists and physically separate journalists from cameramen from the scene of the event, ignorant attitude to journalistic issues, selective issuing of accreditations to the media are some of the omissions and mistakes which the institutions did during the official commemoration in front of the grave of Goce Delchev in the church “Sveti Spas” in Skopje, said the Association of Journalists of Macedonia – AJM.

We point out that administrative officials do not have the authority to communicate with journalists “in the field, and even brazenly order them where they should position themselves and how they should do their journalistic work. We are also asking for an explanation from the Prime Minister’s office why journalists were banned from entering the “Sveti Spas” building during the first part of the commemoration of this event,” AJM pointed out.


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