Inspectors enter more than 1,500 facilities, fines in the amount of more than MKD 9 million


The State Market Inspectorate conducts inspections over the application of laws and regulations that cover the operations of legal and natural persons, as well as the application of regulations in the area of ​​prohibition and prevention of unregistered activity, and imposes measures with the aim of removing the determined irregularities and consistent implementation of the laws.

In January 2023, more than 1,500 inspections were carried out throughout the territory. From the conducted supervisions, violations committed by the subjects were found, for which violation payment orders were issued in the value of more than nine million denars, i.e. according to the Inspectorate.

The purpose of supervision is to improve, control and strengthen the already existing economic system as well as maintaining a functional market aimed at protecting the rights of traders and consumers by marketing safe products. Any deviation from the highest established margin of 5% and 10% in retail trade and wholesale trade is sanctioned.

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