Bulgarian MEP Dzhambazki fails to show up in Skopje


Member of the European Parliament Angel Dzhambazki is sorry and on Saturday, after announcing for days that he would come to Skopje for the commemoration of the Macedonian revolutionary Goce Delchev, who is being adopted by neighboring Bulgaria, he still stayed on the other side of the border.

The news of his arrival, Dzhambazki constantly emphasized in the past days, he even threatened to assassinate the Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski if he was prevented from his intention, in order to finally honor the Macedonian revolutionary Blagoevgrad.

Through a video published on social networks, he again insulted Macedonia, but also the events at the border crossings, when earlier on Saturday, as announced by the Macedonian Ministry of Interior, due to a failure of the electronic system, they were closed for several hours

The Macedonian institutions never directly answered whether he will be declared persona non grata because of the insults and provocations but also because of the threats against the head of state.

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