VIDEO| Bulgarian MP in a physical confrontation with the Macedonian police


The incident at the Deve Bair border crossing, which resulted in the arrest of three Bulgarian citizens, was broadcast live by a Bulgarian politician on social media.

According to the video, which appears to have been taken with a mobile phone, it can be seen that the person filming is directly participating in the push with the Macedonian policemen. The video was released by the politician Angel Georgiev, who is a member of the Bulgarian parliament.

In the video, several citizens, although warned not to do so by the Macedonian policemen, approach them and address them in a loud voice complaining about a Bulgarian citizen who was taken to the premises of the police at the border crossing.

On the video, the Bulgarian citizens throw at the policemen, and then rush towards them, after which the policemen try to move them away from the building at the border crossing, and there is a shoving. The footage shows that the person filming was also escorted into the station premises.

The Bulgarian media reports about the incident that the Macedonian policemen are the ones who threatened and beat the MP of “Vazrazhdane” Angel Georgiev, and there were also Bulgarian citizens with him.

The Macedonian Ministry of Interior previously confirmed that three Bulgarian citizens were detained because of this incident.


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