Mickoski: The DUI government supported by SDSM promised that they would take Macedonia to Europe, unfortunately today we are more distant from our neighbors than ever before


Two types of feelings are growing in me today. The first feeling is the normal feeling of respect for the Macedonian, for the great Goce Delchev for what he did for Macedonia, for what he did for the Macedonian people in his turbulent life story, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski on Saturday.

“And the second is the feeling of disappointment, which was created today by walking through the two barricades of this church and instead of getting closer, instead of increasing our friendship, today we are unfortunately further apart than at any time in our history. 68 months ago they promised life, they promised that they would take Macedonia to Europe. Today, according to the level of corruption, as a country we are in the group with Tunisia, Suriname, India, and in all other parameters we are last in the Balkans. And unfortunately, we have never been further away from our neighbors than we are today,” Mickoski said.


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