About MKD 10 million were collected for the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria


The General Secretary of the Red Cross of RNM, Dr. SaitSaiti, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Skopje, Mr. Hasan Mehmet Sekizkök, stated at a press conference on Thursday that the citizens of N. Macedonia are showing their solidarity in action this time as well. As of February 7, 2023, a total of 3,363,800 denars were collected through the donor telephone lines, and a total of 6,467,192 denars were paid into the Red Cross Solidarity Fund of the RNM. A total of 9,830,992 denars were collected. The Red Cross also set aside 1,000 family food packages, 1,500 hygiene packages and 4,000 blankets from its commodity reserves.

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