Changes in government departments – SDSM proposes Shukova for ecology, Manoleva for health, Jajaga in defense


The state ecology secretary Kaja Shukova will be the SDSM’s proposal for a new minister of the environment. Shukova will replace Naser Nuredini in the ministerial position after the entry of the Alliance for Albanians into the Government, DUI cedes that position to SDSM.

According to information from party sources, Dr. Maja Manoleva from the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation will be the Deputy Minister of Health, in the place of Vladimir Rendevski, and Tiron Jajaga from the Alliance of Albanians is a possible candidate for the Deputy Minister of Defense.

During the day, a meeting between Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and the president of the Alliance, Arben Taravari, is expected, after which the final inter-party agreement will be announced.

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