Diplomatic union tells Osmani: It is shameful how you are abusing your position


When the Government itself agrees with the conclusions of the Anti-Corruption Commission that you misused our official vehicles for election and party activities of your party DUI and thereby violated the Government’s Code of Ethics, then I really don’t know what else I can tell you from, it’s shameful, Minister!, Ambassador Zoran Dabikj, president of the Macedonian diplomatic union, writes in the open letter.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A few years ago, as the president of the diplomatic trade union organization, I pointed out that with your leadership and actions you destroy the ministry and the diplomatic service in the long term through brutal centralization, partisanship, corruption, clientelism and despotism.

In diplomacy, there must be zero tolerance for corruption and similar abuses. Such is the nature of service. At the same time, the first person of a ministry must be the moral vertical, a beacon that will serve as an example and guide for the rest. And, you lead an entire state diplomacy, and even this year you preside over the OSCE, an organization that in its essence, among other things, deals with corruption, good governance and overall democratization, said Dabikj and asked the minister: “With whom will he seek from the participating countries in the OSCE to deal with corruption, as one of the most important prerequisites for strengthening democracy, minister?”

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