Ministry of Culture allocates millions for “Shkupi Fest” and “Lira Fest”, and only EUR 6,500 for “MAKFEST”, Jordanov refuses the money from the Ministry


The Macedonian Ministry of Culture allocated only 6,500 euros from the annual budget for the current year for the Festival of Fun Melodies. The Mayor of the Municipality of Shtip Ivan Jordanov stated at today’s press conference that for the second year in a row the Ministry of Culture intends to shut down and destroy the most renowned pop music festival “Makfest”.

According to Jordanov, this decision is a humiliation for the Macedonian music, the citizens of Shtip, as well as for the entire Macedonian public.

“The budget, which is foreseen by the Ministry of Culture for manifestations and events this year, is in the amount of 760 million denars, and for the “Makfest” feastival, the most popular and the only Macedonian festival, a shameful 400,000 denars are foreseen,” said Jordanov and added:

“More than a million denars have been allocated for “Lira Fest 2023”. More than one million denars have been allocated for “Shkupi Fest”, but less than 400,000 denars for “Makfest”. We will not accept these funds, we will return them and they are free to use them for some other event that they want to finance this year.”



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